From all indications, the M300 is looking like it’s going to be a popular follow-up to DJI’s M200/M210 drones. It looks to become a work horse enterprise drone for public safety organizations. Of course, despite some advances, battery life is still a challenge – especially for those missions that call for the drone to be in the sky for extended periods of time.

To overcome that challenge there are two options. First, you can procure 6 or 8 sets of batteries and a charging station. When the first set runs down, you land, replace the batteries and launch again. All you need to do is repeat this every 30 minutes – oh, and hope that nothing important is missed while you are going through the swap out process.

Do Away with Drone Down Time

A better alternative is to invest in a power tether system for your M300, like the RS1000. Tethers are designed to keep your aircraft flying as long as you need it in the air, without the inconvenience of interrupting your mission to swap out batteries. Professional tethers operate from multiple power sources (wall power, generators, inverters, etc.); have responsive/reactive spools that supply steady tension but accommodate gusts of wind and allow you to quickly and easily transition to tether-less flight. Blue Vigil’s American made tethers have been in use by public safety organizations for 4 years now.

A State of the Art Tether Solution for the M300

We are excited to enable agencies to fly long duration missions with their M300. We believe that our fully integrated air module is a best in class design. Our adapters engage both battery slots meaning that one side of the aircraft will not be overly stressed. In addition, our design has minimal impact on the aircraft’s center of gravity, ensuring that the tether does not negatively impact crucial launch and land operations. Want to fly off tether? Simply detach the tether and you are good to go, no need to remove the adapters (but you can easily do that in seconds if you like). This design represents the next-gen in integrated air module design that is quickly setting our power tether solutions apart from other options on the market.

The best way is to see for yourself. Our extensive dealer network is ready to arrange demonstrations or product evaluations.