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Transforming the Illumination of Nighttime Work Zones

The ALED Portable Light is a better alternative to traditional construction light towers. It produces 8,000 square feet of usable light that illuminates the area of operation from above, eliminating dangerous shadows and glare. It features a tethered UAV mounted with four high-intensity LED lights that can be easily positioned and repositioned exactly where illumination is needed. At 1/10th the size and weight of light towers, it is person-portable and can easily fit into a truck, car, or SUV.

Light Coverage ALED Portable Light vs. LED Light Tower

Twice the usable light with half the lumens!

Why Choose an Aerial LED
Over a Traditional Light Tower?


Blue Vigil’s RS1000 Drone Tether Power System

When You Need to Fly for Hours, Not Minutes.

Blue Vigil’s Autonomous Aerial Light is powered by the same core tether technology as our industry-leading tether power system for commercial drones.  The RS1000 ground-based tether enables unlimited flight time when connected to a power source (generator, household current, or battery).

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