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Drone Tether For Unlimited UAV Hover

Blue Vigil’s RS1000 Drone Tether Power System

When You Need to Fly for Hours, Not Minutes.

Blue Vigil manufactures affordable tether power systems designed for off-the-shelf drones. The ground-based tether allows unlimited flight time when connected to a power source (generator, household current, or battery). The Blue Vigil system includes the ground base tether unit (RS1000), power cord, and mounting kit.

Blue Vigil’s OEM Drone Tether Power Integration Kit

Integrate our Tether Technology into Your Platform

Blue Vigil’s OEM kit allows manufacturers and integrators to package our proprietary tether and power management technology into custom delivery platforms. The OEM kit includes Optical communications capability and Ethernet over tether options. The kit supports applications requiring operation in harsh environments up to IP 65 rating. Includes air modules that can be integrated into most aircraft, freeing up battery space/weight for custom payloads.

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