Unlimited Power – Uninterrupted Missions

Blue Vigil provides a robust, easy-to-use power tether system for DJI’s M300, M210/200, Inspire, and most other commercial drones. No more wasting time and manpower on frequent battery replacement. When connected to a tether, your drone is enabled for unlimited hover and continuous operation of your payload.

Tether Your Drone.

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The RS1000 power tether system is compatible with most commercial drones that use 4S or 6S batteries with air module mounting kits.

M300 Solution

Blue Vigil’s fully integrated air module unit for the M300 is compatible with existing Blue Vigil tethers. There are two air modules that mount on both sides of the aircraft to maintain the center of gravity. The air modules support both bottom and top-mounted payloads and do not interfere with collision avoidance and imaging sensors.

Features That Matter


Other Common Uses

  • Surveillance of fixed positions and perimeters

  • Monitoring protracted barricade/hostage situation

  • Weather monitoring

  • Hazmat incidents

  • Lighting

  • Post-fire inspection and monitoring

  • Eye-in-the-sky camera position for televising and recording sports events

  • Reconnaissance in hazardous/inaccessible environments

  • Observing vehicular traffic conditions

  • Scene safety/force protection

  • Film production

  • Aerial platform for lights, sensors, and antennas

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