Technology Startup Company Blue Vigil’s Power Drone Tether now flies with the Inspire 1 along with most 24V aircraft.

Harrisonburg, VA, July 24, 2017 – Blue Vigil has announced the ability to integrate the company’s drone power system with the Inspire 1 drone. The company’s Drone Power Tether System is designed to provide the drone user with the ability to keep their aircraft in hover for unlimited flight durations.

Until now the Blue Vigil Drone Power Tether System RS1000 has provided power to most commercially available drones other than some DJI models. The company had completed development of, and is now selling, a DJI Inspire 1 integration to be used as an “add on” with its current product. Blue Vigil engineers are currently working on “add on” modules for the Inspire 2 and the Mattice 200/210, and expect to have them available in September. That means one system can be used to power just about any drone with a takeoff weight up to 10kg for an unlimited flight duration.

“Customer feedback on the RS1000 has been extremely positive,” said Todd Stave, Blue Vigil’s CEO.  “Our 24 volt system and ability to support the Inspire and Mattice drones will provide customers even more options to use our tether power system to achieve their missions.”

The Blue Vigil system is now used by customers on six continents for a wide range of applications. It is made in America. The tether system is designed to allow for quick and easy set up with the customer’s commercially available, off-the-shelf drone. The tether cable is managed automatically. The drone can remain aloft as long as power is conveyed through the tether. The power source can be a generator, household current or battery. This provides unlimited flight.

It is priced to be the best value tether on the market and is available for immediate delivery.

About Blue Vigil:

With offices in Harrisonburg and Reston, Virginia, Blue Vigil provides tethered power systems for commercial drones. Additional information is available at