Blue Vigil has been invited to participate in the UAS Angel Network and Tulsa Innovation Labs Startup Showcase on October 2 in Tulsa, OK. The speed pitch event will be held in conjunction with the TRAM Summit, a curated convening of influential innovators, investors, and thought leaders in advanced mobility. Register for the TRAM Summit here.

Blue Vigil, the US market leader in drone power tether systems, is leveraging its core tether technology to revolutionize the illumination of nighttime job sites. Blue Vigil has created an autonomous aerial light – the ALED – designed to make nighttime work safer and more productive. The ALED uses a purpose-built, tethered UAV to position a high-intensity LED array 80-100 feet above a work site. By illuminating the area of operation from directly above, the dangerous glare and shadows that are the main contributors to job site safety incidents and loss of productivity are eliminated. The ALED is man-portable but powerful, generating an 8,000 sq. ft. useable light field that’s 2x larger than that of traditional construction light towers. It is designed for the rigors of construction use, is simple to operate, and fits easily into a pickup truck bed.

The ALED is currently available for pre-order.