Blue Vigil fully integrated with the DJI M200/210

Herndon, VA — 10/06/2020 — Blue Vigil has announced the introduction of  their second generation power adapter and mounting kit for  DJI’s Matrice 200 and 210 aircraft.  These kits are backwards compatible with existing Blue Vigil RS1000 tether systems.  The company’s Drone Power Tether System enables a drone operator to keep their aircraft in hover for unlimited flight durations.

The company is now selling the DJI Mounting Kit which features sled-style adapters that fit with the battery slots on the Matrice 200/210 aircraft and allow the use of standard TB55 batteries.  The DJI mounting kit includes all components needed to connect the Blue Vigil RS1000 tether to the Matrice 200/210 aircraft including mounting braces, BRM holder and battery interfaces.

“We redesigned adapters and mounting kit for the M200/210 to ensure a quick and fail-safe means for mounting our power module to the aircraft and ensuring that power can be delivered cleanly from the power source” said Rob Schumann, Blue Vigil’s CEO. “DJI has set the standard for an enterprise class drone with the M200/210, it is important that operators have an intuitive and reliable way to connect the RS1000C/X to their aircraft.  Our latest version of the adapters and mounting system create a tightly integrated tether/aircraft solution.”

The Blue Vigil system used by customers on six continents for a wide range of applications. It is made in the USA. The tether system is designed to allow for quick and easy set up with the customer’s commercially available, off-the-shelf drone. The drone can remain aloft as long as power is conveyed through the tether. The power source can be a generator, household current or battery providing unlimited flight.  The drone can be easily detached from the tether to enable unrestricted flight with the same aircraft maximizing operator mission flexibility.

About Blue Vigil

With offices in Reston, Virginia, Blue Vigil provides tethered power systems for off-the shelf commercial drones, as well as custom solutions for OEM’s.  Blue Vigil products are available through authorized dealers around the world.  See To find a dealer near you.

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